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Special Pale Ale

With a wonderful golden colour and prominent citrus aroma, Special Pale Ale is nicely light and crisp, and is dry without being harsh.

Special Pale Ale (3.7% vol) is a full-flavoured and really satisfying bitter, skilfully brewed using a pale lager malt to give the ale its delightful colour, and a dwarf variety of hop, which is the source of Special Pale Ale’s distinct aroma. Special Pale Ale contains wheat and barley malt.

Availability: All year round.


Citrus fruit, zesty

Crisp, bitter
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With food...

Special Pale Ale goes well with seafood and spicy foods such as Indian, oriental or Cajun dishes.


SIBA South West Region Beer Competition 2006 - Gold Medal
SIBA South West Region Beer Competition 2006 - Reserve Champion