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Our Food Vision

We love good food! We like to cook, eat, drink and enjoy ourselves of course, and we always look to work with people who share our passion for quality ingredients and provenance, all in the aim of delivering great food to our customers.

Fresh food with love

Content - Scotch Egg

We continue to strive in serving the best quality local and British produce and are dedicated supporters of British farming and sustainable fishing. We care about knowing where food comes from, how it is produced and making sure our menus are seasonal to use the ingredients at their best. Our aim is to source quality ingredients for our kitchens; just as we do for our brewery.

Our hard working and driven team of chefs enjoy cooking fresh food with love, are eager to learn and are always looking to improve. We hope to inspire our chefs and encourage creativity, you'll find different menus in each of our pubs. We never add unnecessary ingredients or flavours and there will not be a tower or foam in sight! One ingredient we do use all the time though, is our own beer!

We're lucky to work with some superb suppliers, friends and producers who care about food as much as we do. Here are just a few of them...


Content - Steak

Although some British beef has had a bad reputation recently, thankfully, there are still people out there breeding traditional and rare beef that tastes better than anywhere in the world, and we are proud to support these farmers in producing fantastic beef. In our pubs, we serve at least 28 day dry aged beef and breeds from Longhorn to Red Devon to Aberdeen Angus and Hereford Cross supplied by Walter Rose & Son.

Our pigs are happy pigs, always free range, from farms across Devon, Wiltshire and Somerset, which produce some of the finest pork we have ever tasted. You will only ever see free range chicken and eggs on our menus, the poultry from Creedy Carver farm is delicious; they deliver a wonderful bird to our kitchens!


Content - Mussels

We've been working with Rob at Wing of St.Mawes for years, and we happily receive fresh fish daily from Cornwall and Devon shores that has been caught the same morning. His award winning smoked fish is absolutely amazing!

Rob's team are committed to a sustainable fishing industry for the benefit of future generations of fishermen, fishing communities and, healthy fish that tastes great! They work towards minimising their environmental impact by pro-active management and best practice wherever possible. Our recent trip to Newlyn Market highlighted the difficulties British fisherman face, and it struck home how pleased we are to receive the best quality fish around.

Fruit & Veg

Content - Salad

We always look to British produce (weather permitting!) from our grocer, A.David & Co. in Chew Magna, and follow the seasons to guide us in writing menus. UK heritage vegetables, as well as dairy from Devon farms and a cracking selection of cheeses from around the UK, all through A David and Co. They care about quality fruit and veg as much as we do, and support local growers in the West Country in delivering their great produce. We are working together to create bespoke products for us to serve in our pubs and restaurants, such as growing and selecting the best vegetables for our Sunday roast, and creating the tastiest chips in the land!

Gluten Free - what we're doing for our customers

Since the new Government legislation requiring allergen information to be clearly marked on food labels, we have been quick to respond. We’ve been developing our menus and improving the number of options for our coeliac customers, those with gluten intolerances or those who just wanted to eliminate gluten from their diet. Here are some examples of what we’ve achieved so far;

  • In our pubs, we never use any thickening agents in our sauces - everything we produce is made from veal/chicken or vegetable stock and thus many of our dishes are already GF.

  • We have also introduced a range of GF breads and pastas from all our kitchens.

  • We have begun developing existing recipes, such as our popular chocolate brownies, with a GF flour replacement.

  • Soon we will be serving GF pizzas in our Beerd venues, so watch this space!

  • A number of our dishes are GFO (Gluten Free Option) giving you the choice.

We are passionate and determined to cater for all our GF customers, and as such, our chefs are more than happy to prepare tailor-made dishes. So, if there is something on the menu which isn’t suitable, do please let us know before you visit. Also feel free to get in touch if you have any ideas or suggestions, and we will do our best to come up with something tasty and delicious for you to enjoy.