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News28th April 2017

Beerd’s Kobalt is back

We are delighted to announce that Beerd brewery, our craft beer brand has once again produced a batch of Kobalt. It’s a Munich Dunkel, which is a Germany style dark lager.  Dunkel is the German for “dark”, and Kobalt has the typical dark reddish brown colour associated with it.

“If you get lost in the deep dark mines of Munich, the malty and mischievous Kobalt might play tricks on you. It will keep you sweet with hints of vanilla to start, then trip you up with bitter biscuit shenanigans at the end. Will you be fooled?”

Kobalt tasting notes: An intriguing dark Munich dunkel that is initially malty with hints of vanilla, smooth in body with a pleasant bitterness to finish and a biscuity aroma.

If you like your malty yet smooth beers, Kobalt at 5.2% vol is a must try for you. For availability, please check Beerd’s Twitter account @beerdbeers